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Our Business at The Hill is to help your business; we have thousands of loyal listeners, listening right now! How many do you want to be your customers? The Hill is the MOST effective AFFORDABLE station in the market! We’re here to help and we’re here to serve, that ’s what a business doing ministry does!  Win-Win-Win! Just ask any of our advertisers and the will testify that The Hill is the place to advertise! Also please stop by and use the services of one of our faithful Hill advertisers! Call us today at 318-323-1009 or 318-376-4757 for information on advertising on the Hill!

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Loyal Shoppers!

Christian Radio Listeners support those within their constituency.  They buy from businesses that advertise with one of their own mediums.

Conservative Americans!

Christian radio listeners are conservative.  They have strong family-oriented values.

Social Crowd!

Christian radio listeners are extremely social.  They build relationships with relatives, church members and close friends.  Whatever traits sociable people possess, Christian Radio Listeners will be more likely to exhibit.  Most prominent categories are: restaurants, grocery, recreation and apparel.

Married Couples

Adult Christian Radio Listeners are more likely to be married.  Anything that would be characteristic of married couples will be even more so for Christian radio listeners.


Among all general market-advertising mediums, Christian radio has the highest concentration of women in its audience!  In other words, they have more women per capita.  Whatever women buy, Christian radio Listening women will be likely to buy MORE!

Larger Families

Christian Radio Listeners are larger than the national average.  They have more children, and their disposable income does not seem to be significantly affected by it.  So…whatever families buy, Christian radio families will be likely to buy MORE!


Nationwide un-employment is UP, however, according to Media-Mark research, since 2008, among Christian radio listeners, un-employment is DOWN and their household income is actually rising!

The Hill

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about Us

Facing many obstacles, God faithfully opened the door for The Hill to become a reality and we began broadcasting in March 1995. We have witnessed God's work through the positive message in the music.